Facebook Advertising

FoundUB4 Social Media Consultancy delivers Facebook PPC Services to engage and grow audiences for both local businesses and for eCommerce brands of all sizes.

Those successes are achieved through an integrated approach to Facebook. Facebook PPC Services are just one part of an overall digital marketing strategy which;

  • includes targeted ad campaigns which are continually tested and measured to improve performance
  • drives relevant traffic to your Facebook page or website
  • engages, enchants and grows a targeted audience
  • includes enticing promotions and offers
  • Advertising Campaign Setup (on your own Facebook account)
  • Graphic Ad Work
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Multiple Ad Creatives to prevent Banner Blindness
  • Optimize via CPM or CPC – case by case basis
  • Optimize CTR according to Budget

Facebook have created some incredibly powerful features that allow us to pinpoint the exact location of where your target audience hang out on their platform. My first step is to identify them, analyse them and find the best way for them to engage with your products and services.

Once I have a firm strategy in place I will then take to the drawing board and I will create the ad graphics, muster up some amazing copy, put into place all the campaign tracking and ensure I’m fully prepared to hit the go button on the campaign.

I will test different audiences, different placements, different Ad types, and different Ad creative until I find a winning combination. When I do find a winning combination I turn up the budgets and optimise until I reach an amazing ROI.


Because having helped everyone from tech giants to independent entrepreneurs, I get your business, and I know how to find your customers on Facebook.  Together, we will:

Connect with your customers on a personal level

Engage them with your product or brand

Influence your fans’ friends to become a fan of your business, too.

Facebook is all about influential marketing. What does that mean? Connect with your customers in the right way, and they’ll tell everybody. I’ll show you exactly what that quality of connection looks like, and manage your social networks on your behalf on a daily basis.